DogsDoo® dog poo bags are biodegradable and are made of natural, renewable raw materials.

You just don't want to know how much dog poo is ‘produced’ every day. It is important that you as a dog owner clean up this junk directly. Not only because it is not a sight, all those piles, and because it’s extremely annoying if you have stepped into it. But also, and especially, for the sake of public health. Many dogs carry the dog roundworm (toxocara canis) in their intestines, a parasite that can
be dangerous for human beings, mainly for small children and elders. You just don’t want to cause of serious illness!

Therefore, make sure that you always carry dog poo bags in your pocket if you walk your dog. And if you somewhat care about sustainability, then choose those that are made from natural, renewable resources, such as the DogsDoo® bags. Besides, they are produced here with us and not in China. That also saves a
lot of CO2 emissions.

The DogsDoo bags are certified fully compostable, unlike many others that claim ‘biodegradable’. After all, these others are ‘oxo-biodegradable’, where heavy metal salts are mixed into ordinary plastic. Under certain conditions, this makes the plastic to break down into powder. But that is no bio-degradation! The powder would continue to be just plastic and contaminate our soil. Not to speak
of the heavy metals.

Because of the danger of the spread of the dog roundworm, it is not recommended to throw dog poo in the garden composter. For the same reason, don’t throw it in the nature.

  • 100% compostable and renewable

  • Made from plant based, renewable materials (such as starch & vegetable oil)

  • Small size rolls, handy for taking them in your trousers’ pocket

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Jemaco changes name to The Compost Company and exclusively processes compostable plastic mad of renewable materials

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